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Know your business

Data integration

Select the best approach for your data integration & cleansing.

The success of almost every new business initiative a company launches relies heavily on successful data integration between heterogeneous applications and databases.

However, choosing the right data integration product is not an easy task. Let Constructive help you obtain a clear understanding of the various types of data integration products that exist, along with the typical product architectures available, costs and functionality.

Our primary goal is to help you intelligently select a data integration that is best suited to meet the needs of your data integration initiatives.

Application services

Need help unifying your key metrics visually?

Despite the range of Oracle EPM and 3rd-Party products available providing one form of reporting or another, there are still times when only a bespoke solution is appropriate to satisfy the Business requirements.

From simple Excel spreadsheet automation with VBA, through to the complex using VB, C++ and Java, Constructive has the skills to help you deliver real Business benefit from your analytic investment.


Tailored solutions for your specific business needs.

Whilst you may have already gained a lot of financial information from your Planning & Budgeting systems, visualisation tools can provide a valuable graphical view of key measures.

Further, it may be your aim to develop and implement a complete balanced scorecard, as suggested by Kaplin and Norton. Constructive can help you build databases representing the non-financial data, such as employee and customer satisfaction, call centre response times etc. that are required to achieve this balanced view your organisations performance.



Developing a prototype is an excellent ROI.

We often find that developing a prototype is an excellent method of highlighting the potential of an OLAP solution without significant risk and cost. Constructive's consultants can work with you to provide a working model of part of your Business, demonstrating the potential to Senior Executives and decision makers.

By engaging a few key users and acquiring a detailed sample of data, Constructive will ensure that the prototype build is cost-effective and delivered rapidly.

Once the prototype model has been refined and accepted by the business, this can be utilised as the building blocks for implementation.

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Migration services

Thinking of upgrading to a newer version of Hyperion Planning?

It is often the case that a version upgrade is the last item on your ever-growing agenda. Many organisations only upgrade when technical difficulties are experienced - this is the worst time to contemplate what is already a complex challenge.

Don't wait until you are forced to change versions! Migrate for the right reasons.

Let Constructive take care of the migration, upgrade and implementation requirements whilst ensuring that your current applications take advantage of the new functionality and optimisation features.

As with all our consultancy services, Constructive will work closely with your staff ensuring that knowledge-transfer takes place.

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